About us

A philanthropist lives in each of us. Big or small, but it is. That is why we strive to change the world around us for the better.

But also everyone is afraid to make a mistake or be deceived in the implementation of their charitable plans …

Your community foundation has the answer. The Community Foundation is a non-governmental, non-profit organization that works with a territorial connection to the community in which you live, in which you live.

The community foundation studies and knows the needs of the local community, is well-versed in the community of city organizations, is a leader in the community, and if you wish, can advise on how to more effectively implement your charitable intentions.

You have to choose which of the resources you want and can give to the community in which you live:

ideas, time or money.

You can create your own fund by directing the accumulated funds to areas that you are interested in developing in the community.
You can bring ideas to help the community grow.
You can dedicate your time or professional skills and become a volunteer
Synergy of resources, strategic management and personalized service help to achieve positive changes in the community.

Podilska Hromada Community Foundation

Podilska Hromada is a community foundation of the city of Vinnytsia, which activates the community and unites its efforts / resources to address current needs, by developing a culture of charity / philanthropy and implementing charitable programs on the basis of equal dialogue, openness and transparency.


solidarity / team spirit
Principles of activity:

partnership principles
compliance of the activity with the legal field of Ukraine
taking into account customer needs
equality of participation of everyone
team approach in activities
efficient use of resources.
Strategic directions for 2016-2018:

Strengthening the organizational capacity of FG “Podilska Hromada”
Promoting the growth of corporate social responsibility and the development of a culture of charity
Community development in Vinnytsia
Strengthening the capacity of civil society organizations

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